Pediatric Documentation Consultation

In the field of pediatric medicine, many challenges arise on a daily basis. Children have different needs than adults, and as such, their treatments and care must be taken into account differently as well. Though it may often go unnoticed, the accuracy of pediatric clinical documentation can have a great impact on many factors of children’s healthcare. When documentation is lacking accuracy, details can go unnoticed and quality in many areas can suffer.

Documentation that is not complete or that is missing crucial data can ultimately lead to miscommunications within hospitals. This in turn can lead to quality scores dropping, decreased CMI, and patient care can suffer. It is critical for children’s hospitals to maintain a high standard in documentation that is cohesive through the various parts of the hospital. Physicians, coders, and CDI specialists who are on the same page can see great benefit through accurate and concise documentation.

When seeking out pediatric clinical documentation improvement for hospitals, it is important to consider the firm who is being called upon for consultation. All CDI firms do not specifically address the key areas of concern that are important for pediatrics. Children’s hospitals need a tailored approach to address the challenges that are unique to pediatric medicine, not adult acute care.

DCBA, a clinical documentation improvement firm based out of Atlanta, understands the need for a specialized approach. That’s why DCBA has created pediatric clinical documentation improvement programs that target areas of concern in children’s healthcare. By providing education to physicians, coders, and CDI specialists at their level, DCBA creates an environment of understanding among hospital staff. With a commitment to excellence and accuracy, DCBA provides results driven consultation and training to pediatric healthcare organizations.